Finally a diagnosis…Teratoma

We were in ICU longer than we cared.  It was only a couple of days but it felt like a lifetime. Too long living on the edge.

Back on the ward Mayhem was truly magnificent…

Excerpt from an email to family after leaving ICU:

‘So over the past few days since we have been back on the ward Mayhem has been wow-ing the nurses and Doctors with his speedy recovery and scrunchy smiles.

He is really quickly recovering and we will be allowed out in the next couple of days, all being well. He has a little bit of fluid on his lungs, which is quite normal and nothing to worry about but they want to keep a close eye on him before being discharged. As the tumour was so large they want to be really sure he is 100% well before letting us go and we definitely can’t complain about that!

We saw the Oncologist this evening. Mayhem smiled so much at him all the Doctor could say to him was Wow… Amazing! He came to tell us that as far as Oncology was concerned they were really happy with his progress and would next see us in a week or so for a follow up appointment here at Alder Hey. We told the Doctor that we were still so worried it was cancer. But there was no news on what the tumour was and we would just have to wait for the histology to come back from the pathology lab.

Two minutes later the Doctor turned back up at our door. The results were just in… It’s benign!!!! A benign terratoma. Yes. The best news ever!

My eldest brother was kind enough to drive Chaos back to us this evening so Mayhem got to see his brother again before bedtime, again massive crinkled smiles all round.  Chaos had clearly missed his brother and Mummy and Daddy as we all got big kisses. Thank you to Grandma for keeping him so entertained for the past few days.

So we are back together again, not quite under the same roof yet but almost. Most importantly Mayhem is cancer free and we can now put the worst month of our lives where it belongs, behind us.

Wow, amazing!!!’


Mayhem’s zipper wound