Reusable Cloth Wipes

A great way to be frugal and to respect your little ones super soft bottom is to make your own cloth wipes and nappy liners.  Disposable wipes, like disposable nappies are full of chemicals and not really the nicest thing to have on your bubba’s skin.

Cloth wipes not only reduce waste, but are excellent at getting rid of poop and cleaning messy bottoms.  I usually only need one wipe per change unless it’s a poonami!  If you’re doing the washing with the cloth nappies anyway it makes perfect sense to take the plunge into cloth wipes too.  By the way I’m really not sure why people seem to struggle with the concept, a lot of cloth bum mums still use disposable wipes, I did for a while then when I finally went for it and bought cloth wipes I really didn’t know why it took me so long!

So, making your own is easy peasy.  You can use any material that you have that feels soft enough to rub on bubba’s bottom, fleece, towel, etc and it has to be absorbent.  I had some old over-the-head style large bibs that I no longer used (as Mayhem will NOT wear a bib without losing the plot and tearing it off himself) and a couple of old towels.  I did have some Cheeky Wipes and bamboo wipes from Ebay but they both completely shredded in the wash after 12 months of us


Handmade Cloth Wipes made from an old towel

e, waste of money.  So I used these as a guide for the size, made a card template and used a pencil to mark out the maximum number of wipes that I could get from each piece of fabric.

After cutting them out I zig zag stitched around them with the sewing machine.  OK I am no expert sewer, and don’t have an overlocker (industrial type sewing machine that stops hems from fraying) but zig zig stitch along the edges of the fabric was doable.  By the way, if you use fleece (e.g. a cheap Ikea blanket) then you don’t need to sew as fleece does not fray at the edges when cut.


Sewing wipes made from an old towel and old bibs

The towels I used where kind of off-white so I even tried using natural dyes to stain the wipes a happier colour.

Beetroot is rubbish.  Don’t try it.  Turmeric is the best.  Nearly black Iris’s is OK and free but don’t expect purple, an off-white grey is as good as it gets.  Ready more about using natural plant dyes here at Pioneer Thinking.