Sierra Martilla Dolmens, Granada

An hours drive from Granada, and just a five minute drive from Ventorros de San Jose, high into the mountains, surrounded by olive groves and amazing views, you will find the Copper Age burial site of the Sierra Martilla.  Park up near the information sign and take an easy 10 minute walk up the hill where you will find an incredible site of burial chambers.  An easy walk for kids, Chaos the solider and explorer, as he alternated between the two, loved marching ahead with his leaflet and map.


Abandoned farm & Chaos the navigator

You can see various strange rock formations on your way to the burial site, Chaos thought they were fascinating and decided that they were army look-out towers!   On the walk up, a wooden sign points you towards the ‘Dolmens’, tombs with a large flat stone laid on upright ones.  The first burial sites we came across were simply in the ground, others in caves and some, with an entrance with columns and a roof (Megaron style).  Unusually, all of the burial chambers are partially or completely excavated from the rock.  Chaos and Mayhem both loved investigating the cave like structures and spent a good half an hour hiding inside, then jumping out and trying to scare mummy and daddy; a great place to play ‘scary’ hide and seek!

Whoever was living up here 3,000+ years ago had a village, were growing food rather than just hunting and had a watch tower. They also knew how to choose a stunning location! From this one site you can see the provinces of  Cordoba, Malaga and Granada and the Iznajar lake!

The Sierra Martilla a wonderfully ancient, mysterious and peaceful place to visit.


Stunning views towards Malaga province


Kings of the castle!  Views of Iznajar lake towards Cordoba province


Capturing Moments