Farewell 2016, Happy New Year!

This year has been a truly amazing year for our little tribe.  We started off the year living in peaceful central Portugal, then made the move to Spain for our next housesitting assignment.  Our first stop was within a stones throw of the Costa del Sol in Spain, but still a good distance away from the hustle and bustle, then onto our current place, in the middle of the olive groves in the hills above Granada.

Of course our main reason for travelling with our boys is to take some time out whilst our youngest boy, Mayhem recovers after having a benign tumour (teratoma) removed.  We initially started the blog as a way to record his journey.  So the biggest highlight of our year is that Mayhem is passing all of the tests with flying colours and he’s doing fantastically. This year we have spent some awesome family time together, making amazing memories. It really has been the most amazing and fantastic year.

Here’s a few of our highlights:




In the seven months that we have been blogging we have written 77 posts, had 3838 views and had 1611 visitors. Here are a few of our most popular posts:


We have chosen to escape the rat race and live a simpler life, this obviously struck a chord, as it is one of our most popular posts.  A few other favourites include A year ago today…SurgeryTwo kids under Two and Birthing, Breastfeeding and Tongue Ties.


Our most liked post on the whole of the blog is Lessons learned from Travelling with Toddlers!  If you are after more travel tips check out our post here Frugal Family Money & Travel Tips.  We’ve been to quite a few places now in Portugal and in southern Spain but here are our favourites Schist Villages in Central PortugalCentral Portugal’s River BeachesPorto (Oporto) with kidsFrigilianaCaptivating Córdoba, Spain – With Kids and Top 5 Reasons to Visit Ronda, Spain.


We have been able to source so much fantastic local, seasonal and fresh produce to inspire us at meal times, try some of our favourite recipes; Home-made Veggie Sausages, Fig & Nut Energy Bars, Five ways with Figs and ‘Av’ an avocado.

#My Sunday Photo:

We have been joining in with a  weekly photography linky managed by www.photalife.com, here are a few of our favourite photos that we have added to this  great community.

It truly has been amazing year for us.  Our boys are both healthy, happy and learning new things every day.  Bring on 2017.  

Happy New Year !