Río Pesquera River Walk

The Río Pesquera is a river running near the hilltop town of Zagra in the Granada province of Andalucia, Spain.  The Río Pesquera joins into Lake Iznajar which is the largest lake in Andalucia and extends far into the Cordórba province.  There are great circular walking routes all around this area, a wonderful place to go for a family walk

Walking along the dried up river bed it is hard to believe that, with enough rain, the river swells to fill this grass and mud encrusted valley.  No matter how little rain there has been, the river still carries on its destiny and continues to power though and find its way to Lake Iznajar.

In full flow this powerful river leaves behind a few treasures, shoes, lots of shoes, bottles, plastic, rubbish and the odd fallen tree.  The boys had a great time learning to balance on the water and sun-bleached tree, a fantasic place for a picnic and photo opportunity.