Blackpool, the mega of the North West, the quintessential Lancastrian seaside town.  The Golden mile, the Winter Gardens and of course, Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach.  Blackpool benefited from a railway in the 1840’s and visitor numbers soon swelled.  By the 1880’s the resort had piers, chips shops, a promenade, donkey rides, trams and theatres.  Hundreds used to flock to the seaside resort during ‘wakes weeks’, when the cotton mills and industrial factories closed down for the holidays.  The grade I listed Blackpool tower was built during the 1890’s, influence by the Eiffel Tower.  Nowadays you can visit the tower to complete the ‘walk of faith’ on a two inch thick piece of glass near the top of the tower.

Blackpool has seven miles of sandy beaches and although not as busy as it once was, there are still millions of visitors each year.  Chaos and Mayhem loved the beach, putting 2ps into the slots or ‘bungers’, choosing a stick of Blackpool rock, eating fish and chips on the promenade and watching the horse and carts trot past….

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