Goodbye 2017, Happy New Year

Goodbye 2017 and hello to 2018! This year has been amazing, living in the Granada region of Spain, deep in the Spanish campo has been totally inspiring. We have travelled all over Andalucia and been outside every single day, walking, hiking, playing and exploring.

At the end of the very, very hot summer we moved from Granada over to Portugal and in complete contrast to housesitting a small Spanish house with a huge Coritjo attached, we now live off grid in Central Portugal. The main reason for our move, apart from fuelling our wanderlust, was so that our eldest son, Chaos, could attend a fantastic international school, where we also teach. Chaos is loving school and learning so much. Our youngest son Mayhem has grown from strength to strength this year, his speech and language skills are totally amazing; he’s so cheeky and most importantly, healthy. 2017 was a tough year with so many follow up appointments after tumour surgery in 2015 but he’s passed every single assessment with flying colours. The greatest news of the year by far!

2017 has been a blast. Thank you for reading our little blog, we hope that you have enjoyed our adventures. Have a fantastic 2018, Happy New Year!

You might have already seen our post on Instagram but if not here’s our top nine photos out of the ones we posted on there from 2017.