Chaos the Fournado Turns Five

Chaos the Fournado Turns Five…

It doesn’t seem like a whole year since your last birthday, this past year has been a whirlwind of firsts, developments and changes.

We spent your birthday last year partying with Grandma, Grandad and your Great Auntie and Uncle in Puerto Blanquillo. A tiny hamlet deep in the olive groves and hills above Granada. Since then you have explored Malaga, Antequera, Iznajar, Montefrio, The Costa De Luz, CadizGibraltar, Marbella and Torrox Costa. You have seen Flamingos at Archidona Lagoons and Robots at Granada’s Parque de las Ciencias. You saw Semana Santa in Loja, the Three Kings in Nerja, and have visited the Alhambra, to name a few. Your little legs have completed some incredibly awesome walking routes; Moclin, El Torcal, Monachil and Las Alpujarras. To give your legs the occasional rest we tried out a cycle chariot, which you love to travel along in, sharing stories and playing with your little brother. We even headed off camping to the lake and you swam a lot. You even managed to swim for the first time without arm bands after a summer visit to Grandma and Grandad’s in Spain!

You said adiós to Spain as we packed up and headed back to the UK for the summer. You really enjoyed spending some quality time at ‘home‘ with your Grandma, Uncle, Auntie and cousins, especially your cousins. Even though you don’t get to see your cousins that often, you instantly bonded yet again and had some great times playing together. Even though it rained most days in Lancashire, you enjoyed watching TV and eating English food, Blackpool rock, fish and chips, ordered your own ice-cream from an ice-cream van and you even got a new bike. We got a car, which you named ‘the beast’ and bought our new home, a caravan. We headed back to Portugal the long way and you got to experience a road trip through England, France, Spain and Portugal  and your first taste of caravanning.

You have returned to Central Portugal, where our family blog and ex-pat life first began.. This area of Portugal is pretty special, it feels like home. We are now living in our caravan near to Penamacor, Castelo Branco. We are located close to Spain, as it is only a short drive away, but we are most definitely still in Portugal.

You have started to learn Portuguese, and we are trying to keep up with you. You have started school, at our wonderful local alternative school. The hardest part of you starting school is that we don’t spend 24-7 together anymore. Things happen, achievements, more firsts, friendships, arguments…all without us being there. As we are both teachers we work some days at your school though; we consider ourselves very lucky that we get to see you and support your education journey. You have embraced these changes far easier than we have. Running to meet your friends, ready with your monkey bag on half an hour before we are due to set off for school. Ready, set, GO!!

You have been to so many parties, fiestas in Spain and festas in Portugal. You have had so much fun at Halloween, Christmas and numerous birthday parties and there has been lots of cake. Your favourite. If we ever ask you what your favourite thing to do at a party, your answer always involves cake and eating. The first Portuguese phrase that you learnt was eu tenho fome, I have hunger. Ha!

You sometimes take on the role of the class clown, you like to make everyone laugh and enjoy playing. You have a great aim and often make up your own exciting throwing games. You are brave and will always be one of the first up to join a new activity, hang upside down from silks, walk across the rope bridge or jump on the zip wire. You love books, watching Fireman Sam and Lego cartoons, and playing with Lego. For some unknown reason you are really obsessed with Lego Jurassic World; which is of course impossible to get hold of, but somehow Grandma and Grandad Spain managed to get you a set for this birthday. How exciting!

You still have the ability to drive us all potty with your incessant whinging and overly loud enthusiasm, but your kisses and cuddles more than make up for it. We love you Chaos, Happy fifth Birthday!

Lots of Love Mummy, Daddy & Mayhem xxx