Three Years Since Surgery – New Beginnings

Tonight we will celebrate. We will celebrate because you are here with us. We will let you stay up late, eat whatever you want (which will probably include copious amounts of cake). We will enjoy your endless stream of kisses and cuddles and be grateful, oh so grateful that you are here and we can share our lives with you.

It has been 3 years since you had life-saving surgery to have your tumour removed, A thankfully benign Teratoma tumour that was slowly suffocating you and depriving you of life. 3 years since we nearly lost you. 3 years since the remarkable staff at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital saved you and brought you back to us. Fixed, healthy and 100% amazing.

Mayhem's Magnificent Smile, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Looking at you now, playing with Lego, making up fantastic stories of baddies and robbers, running with your whole body, arms and legs like spinning wheels, chasing after your big brother, it is hard to believe you were ever so ill. When we catch a glimpse of your zipper scar we sometimes remember. But on the anniversary of your operation we talk to you and your brother about our time in hospital. We look at old photos and videos of our time living in hospital. We also allow ourselves to remember the awfulness of what you went through and what we went through as a family. It seems far too raw and emotional to think about how much pain you were in, how very ill you were and how close we came to losing you. It’s something we would rather not have to think about too much but. at times we must, as the past defines us.


Rocking your Zipper Scar, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Without this awful life-changing crazy event turning our world topsy turvy we would not be here in Portugal. Without coming so close to losing everything we would not have realised, quite so abruptly, what the important things in life are. That family truly is everything. Our jobs, our flat, our car, our stuff, meant nothing at all. It is only when your world is shaken that you stand back and look at your lives. It is because of what happened that we realised that we needed to take every opportunity to live life to the fullest, to do what we enjoy doing the most and be together as a family.

For the last 3 years since the operation we have been searching for our perfect place to live, a place where we can be outdoors, escape the rat race, explore nature and enjoy family time together, We have lived in Central Portugal and in Spain, exploring, searching, travelling, meeting some wonderful people and having the most amazing adventures together. In our quest for the perfect lifestyle we have chosen to move again. We have decided to leave Portugal to start another new adventure. Our next move,,,emigrating to New Zealand! (visa’s permitting). So tonight we will celebrate, not only your 3 year ‘tumourversary’ but also the end of one adventure and the start of a new one!

Exploring the Alcazar in Seville, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Wish us good luck!