Adeus 2018, Haere Mai 2019, Happy New Year!

What a brilliant year 2018 has been!  This year was a year of revelations, connections and changes.

It is so strange to believe that in January of this year we started off the year celebrating the Three King’s arrival in Nerja, Southern Spain before returning to our home, an off-grid in a caravan in Central Portugal. Hand-washing for over six months made us realize and appreciate what a privilege it is to have a washing machine. Living off-grid with one very simple solar panel gave us a new found admiration for conserving energy and using only what the sun’s energy could provide us with. Living in a small space made us communicate more, get outside more and appreciate our own space. Earning very little money and living simply provided us with a connection to a much more simple life; the urge to grow your own food, to forage, to use what the land provides and live as basically as possible without having to buy things constantly and buy-in to our consumer dominated society. We could breathe and loved every minute of our simple life and tiny home.

We have spent countless hours together as a family, exploring, walking, attending numerous festas and fiestas. We have been lucky enough to see lots of our friends and family in 2018, in the UK, France, Portugal, Spain and in New Zealand. We spent the summer in Portugal, Spain and the UK and here we are again having an endless summer in New Zealand!

So why did we choose to leave Portugal? An amazing job opportunity came our way to immigrate to NZ and here we are! If there is one thing that our youngest son, Mayhem’s illness taught us, is to say yes. To live life to the fullest. Life is too short to say no. Although we felt sad to leave Portugal we relished the opportunity to fuel our wanderlust even further and explore stunningly beautiful New Zealand. We also thought that it was an amazing opportunity for the boys to begin schooling in their own language, yet still live in a country where they would be able to benefit from being immersed in a culturally diverse society.

The best news of 2018 was not only having our visas successfully approved, but being given the final all clear from Great Ormond Street Hospital. Mayhem remains tumour-free and healthy with no further follow-ups required. and breathe…

2018 has been a blast. Thank you for reading our little blog, we hope that you have enjoyed our adventures. Have a fantastic 2019, Happy New Year!

You might have already seen our post on Instagram but if not here’s our top nine photos out of the ones we posted on there from 2018.

Best Nine 2018, topsyturvytribe