Now you are 6!

What a whirlwind of a year…Whoosh! now you are six!! Last year you had your wintery birthday in Portugal, now we have upped sticks and are living in New Zealand! Oh what a joy to have bright, warm and summery birthdays from now on!

Sea Cookie, Happy 6th, North Island, New Zealand, TopsyTurvyTribe

You always take new adventures in your stride. You quickly settled into our new country and the warm, friendly welcome from your new primary school helped you to adjust to school full-time. What a great start to life as a Kiwi; you have relished the opportunity to learn to spell, count, read and write. You are continually building on your skills and learning new things and even got your first golden ticket at school swimming for putting your head under the water.

Happy 6th Birthday, New Zealand, Topsyturvytribe

Your adventurous nature never ceases to amaze us. You are always the first to volunteer and try out new experiences, to run down the muddiest path, jump into the coldest river or ocean, to be a firefighter, bungee trampolinist, tractor driver, jockey and a rock climber!

Your young legs continue to do some great walking, since turning five you have explored around Tongariro, Mount Tarinaki, Kapiti coast, Lancashire, Cornwall, France, Seville, central Portugal and more. You love to lead our family tramps, and walk for miles discussing “what would happen if….. and which Star Wars character would you rather be..

Exploring, Happy 6th Birthday, New Zealand, TopsyTurvyTribe

You’ve got your new bike and are loving the siren button! You like a wrestle, explore, visit museums, play on parks, bake, organise and take part in treasure hunts, play with Superzings, soldiers and of course Lego. Always Lego!

New Bike, Happy 6th, New Zealand, TopsyTurvyTribe

Stories are your ultimate favourite though. You never, ever tire of reading. You never turn down a story and will still cuddle up for hours, putting off bedtime and asking for just one more chapter pleeeeeeease.

Pizza Time, Happy 6th Birthday, New Zealand, TopsyTurvyTribe

Your appetite is huge. Can you really be eating more than daddy sometimes? You are definitely the breakfast champion…four helpings are the norm! You love to be the chef and create puddings for the family, anything sweet is always a hit! For your birthday you wanted a Hawaiian Pizza from Dominos and fish and chips and of course lots of yummy cake(s)!

Oi!! Happy 6th New Zealand, TopsyTurvyTribe

Have an amazing 6th birthday and another fantastic year.

Love forever xoxox

Jelly, Ice cream and Cake, Happy 6th, New Zealand, Topsyturvytribe