Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

On Monday 10 August we were taxied to Alder Hey by ambulance.  Our third trip in an ambulance in Mayhem’s short life (we had to be taken in after he was born at home due to meconium in the waters).  My amazing mum stepped up and was looking after Chaos, we thought we’d only be gone for the day and fully expected to return to Royal Blackburn Hospital (RBH) after the trip.  RBH had kept our bed available and the ambulance crew were going to wait for us.  Luckily, they let both hubby and me ride together with Mayhem in the ambulance (they nearly didn’t but a bit of pleading on my part won them over) because we weren’t going anywhere for a while…

We were greeted by a screaming admin lady, or so we thought, it turned out to be Cardiologist who was performing the Echo.  There had been some sort of admin mistake an she wasn’t happy.  ‘Welcome to Liverpool’ said the nurse in charge, the Liverpudlian humour shining through.  The waiting was soon over, we were first on the list and Morley was on the bed, he hated to lie down but the ‘crazy’ Cardiologist knew her stuff and soon put him at ease.  The room was also a projection room, initially Despicable Me but soon changed to an underwater world, bit more age related for Mayhem.  Anyway, enough procrastination.  To relive and write about this moment makes me realise how scared we were and how shocked, freaked out and totally bamboozled when we heard the ‘truth’.


Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Echo Room

You know something’s wrong with your child when more Doctors arrive in the room.  All of a sudden we were introduced to the Dr Ian Pert – Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist and Mr Rafael Guerrero – Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Surgery.  After working in health and fitness with heart patients, my hubbie knew about the heart and had already seen on the monitor that there was a problem.  ‘There is a tumour inside Morley’s heart, in the right Atrium.  We will need to admit him and look into it further’, said Dr Pert.  BOOM! CRASH! BANG!