Spanish Style Tomatoes for Breakfast- Pa amb Tomaquet

Pa am Tomaquet is origionally a Catalan dish and has spread throughout Spain to the point where any breakfast establishment we have been to has Pan con Tomate or similar (Bread with tomato) on their breakfast (desayuno) menu.  We would see big slices of white toast being served with a small glass bowl of watery looking ketchup, but then we tried it!!  This is amazing, a game-changer, a stunning simple blend of only six ingredients.  It all goes together so well, the Tomatoes here are something else and the Olive Oil is liquid gold, the only other ingredients needed are Garlic, Salt, Bread and Parsley (optional). This simple dish is all about quality of ingredients!

1 large Tomato halved

1 tsb chopped Parsley (optional)

1/2 clove of garlic

Sea Salt to taste

olive oil to taste

1 small baguette sliced in half for toasting

Really delicious local tomatoes, you don’t need their skins so use a box grater.  First chop the tomato in half, then grate the cut surface  to leave all of the skin behind.  Chop the parsley finely and mix into the tomato pulp. Toast the bread and then rub the garlic against the warm crispy toast, using the rough toasted bread as a grater to spread the essence of garlic on to the toast. Now drizzle the quality olive oil onto the toast, spoon on some tomato/parsley pulp and season with salt.  Your breakfast is served.

Experiment to get the strength of the garlic and the temperature of the tomatoes (refridgerated or room temp tomatoes) to create your perfect combination.

In the Spanish cafe’s for breakfast you just need to decide weather to go for a media portion (half) or go for the completo (full)  along  with your cafe con leche.  There is also the option to also have jamon on top.  Mayhem really, really loves his jamon, another story…….


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