We had been in hospital for the whole of August and into mid September, 6 weeks.  We were ready to escape.

Excerpt from email to family:

‘We’ve made it, escaped, we have have left the building!

Mayhem was double and triple checked by all of the lovely Doctors and they finally confirmed he was well enough to be discharged.

We are due to return in a week to see his spectacular surgeon and Oncologist for a final check. So we are sitting tight at Grandma’s house until Mayhem has fully recovered and well enough to travel.  All being well they should then be able to transfer his care in to Kent and check the tumour is history through a series of future x-rays.

Its so good to be free again and have Mayhem smiling and well on the road to recovery.

What a relief!’

Mayhem was totally amazing, you would never know that the little dude had been through so much.  Before the hospital stint we always had to prop him up with pillows whenever he sat, otherwise he would just randomly face-plant.  In hindsight we put it down to the tumour putting him off balance.  He didn’t cruse or stand, and didn’t really spend too long crawling as everything tired out-don’t get me wrong, this didn’t stop him, he was just a bit slower than his peers and needed more naps.  After we left hospital he threw himself into everything, full steam ahead!

Both myself and hubbie were teachers, Secondary school and a College tutor respectively.  Due to the timing of the ‘discovery’ we’d both missed the beginning of term.  Our bosses were amazingly cool about everything, hubbie was on a flexible contract, so no dramas there, my Headmaster agreed I could have the time off until October half term.  The only problem with that was neither of us wanted to go back to work.  I was due to go back part-time, 3 days a week (whereas pre Mayhem I was full-time), but I taught in a private school with lots of after school activities and long hours.  After everything that had happened we wanted to hold Chaos and Mayhem that little bit closer, tighter and never let them go.  When I say never, I exaggerate of course, but you know what I mean…Mayhem was also scheduled for lots of follow ups and check ups that would be crazy to deal with when working.

So we made the massive, life-changing decision, our world had been turned topsy-turvy by this monstrous tumour…we decided to take back control, quit our jobs and our rented flat, put all of our things in storage and chose to put our boys and family first.  Escape 9-5 grind, quit the rat-race.  The question was…what next…