Chaos the Threenager turns Four

It is difficult to believe that you are now four years old.  It seems like you have been with us forever; so hard to imagine what life was like before you finally came screaming and squirming into the world.  A big shock to you, being removed from such a comfortable place and a massive one to us as first time parents.  Daddy scooped you up into his arms and after a long time you finally stopped crying.  Daddy has always been able to work his magic and calm you down when you are upset, hurt or angry.

You’ve always loved to talk and never really bothered with baby talk.  Your first word was Mummy at five months old and then you were off, well into full sentences way before most if your peers.  Not quite a dexterous as some, talking was definitely your thing and still is.  We always know where you are and exactly what you are doing because you give us a constant running commentary on everything you do.  Your loudness increases with your enthusiasm and we often ask you to reduce the volume as you get more and more excited.

The stores you tell are so fantastic.  Yes, we are very biased parents but, just, wow.  For a now four year old your imagination is mind blowing!  Whilst you play with your Lego, which is in your words, your ‘best toy’.  You reel off the most fantastical tales of baddies, policia, bomberos (firemen) and most recently StarWars, even though you’ve only watched the Lego StarWars version you have developed a huge love of the force.

Your imagination is also fueled by your love of books. Your attention span for a good story is pretty phenomenal.  You devour stories, even though you might not of read a book for six months, you still remember the story, the characters, the plot and the specifics. Then reinact your favourites using your classic Lego set.  Building ‘Jurassic World’, Helicopters, Police cars and anything you can imagine…with a little help from Daddy!

It is so lovely to see the bond with your brother grow and develop.  After we were lucky enough to have you in our lives we always said the greatest gift we could ever give you was a sibling.  You try to comfort him if he is having a terrible twos tantrum.  You offer him hugs and kisses and even share your Lego with him, which is pretty amazing really!   To think that just over a year ago and we nearly lost your brother to a tumour, it makes your relationship even more fantastic and special.  How lucky we all are with two amazing boys!

You are also fantastic at walking. During your early years you loved to be carried.   Our Ergo carrier has seen a lot of miles.  We thought we’d never get you to join in with our love of walking and hiking.   But something happened when you were three and a half and you actually started to enjoy walking.  Yes, we get the odd threenage whinge and have to coax you along sometimes but, the majority of times you have fun walking.  We try and get out for walks most days and you have gradually worked your way up to six km.  From the boy who loved to be carried that is pretty darn amazing!

Your threenage years have been yours and our biggest challenge yet.  Emotional, exhausting and well let’s face it…far too much whinging!  Well, not always, but let’s just say that we will be glad to see you grow, develop and transform even further.

You help us to grow too.  You constantly remind us to look at things more closely, to examine life with a microscope, to notice when things change; when a wall is painted, a person has a new haircut, that there’s a new waitresses serving our coffee, that the red tractor is parked in a different place, that there’s a bug on the floor which we could step on.  Living life through your eyes reminds us to look more closely and enjoy the world we live in.  Thank you.

To see how much you have grown, changed and developed is so wonderful and makes our hearts soar with pride and joy.  Our gorgeous boy, our first born, our baby, our four year old… Thank you for being our son and Happy Forth Birthday!

Lots of Love
Mummy & Daddy

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