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Now you are 6!

What a whirlwind of a year…Whoosh! now you are six!! Last year you had your wintery birthday in Portugal, now we have upped sticks and are living in New Zealand! Oh what a… Continue reading

Four Years Old, Happy Birthday Mayhem!

Wow! So amazing, we can’t believe you are four. It has been a magnificent journey of wonderfulness and we are so pleased to celebrate your fourth birthday with you and our family in… Continue reading

Waiting and Exploring

When our family first applied to immigrate to New Zealand we knew we would have to wait. Wait for the the multitude of paperwork boxes to be ticked and for the powers that… Continue reading

Exploring Lancashire

We continue to enjoy our stay in Lancashire whilst eagerly awaiting our visas for immigration to New Zealand. As the red rose county once processed most of the worlds cotton there are many… Continue reading

Waiting…and Lancashire Life

Waiting, waiting and more waiting!! Completing paperwork in order to emigrate is pretty full on but the most frustrating part of applying to move to another country with strict immigration laws is the… Continue reading

From Spain to the UK

We left Central Portugal, driving our ‘beast’ (the boy’s affectionate name for our car) jam-packed with our worldly belongings and said adeus to our home. With our caravan and anything else large or… Continue reading

Three Years Since Surgery – New Beginnings

Tonight we will celebrate. We will celebrate because you are here with us. We will let you stay up late, eat whatever you want (which will probably include copious amounts of cake). We… Continue reading

Family Fun, Back in Lancashire

After an epic road trip from Central Portugal we finally, finally arrived in the UK and made it back up the M6 to the North West and my childhood home of Lancashire. There… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! We have now been married a whole seven years! April 15th 2011 was such an amazing day for us. A fantastic opportunity to unite our friends and family. A… Continue reading

Chaos the Fournado Turns Five

Chaos the Fournado Turns Five… It doesn’t seem like a whole year since your last birthday, this past year has been a whirlwind of firsts, developments and changes. We spent your birthday last… Continue reading