Still waiting…


Hospital fun with the mechanical bed

An excerpt from an email to family on 24 August 2015, eleven days of waiting after the biopsy:

‘So our doc is pretty sure, but it’s not confirmed, that Mayhem‘s tumour is a benign Thymoma. Yes, benign 🙂

Its really, really rare in children, even rarer in infants but all the current pathology confirms this.  They have sent off samples of the biopsy to various places including Great Ormond Street, they are not all back so we can’t get too excited yet…..but everything is pointing to a Thymoma.  As our doc said, don’t bother googling it as it’s too rare in infants and will come up with tumours related to aged 60+ women and other things that aren’t relevant to the tumour Mayhem has.

This is probably the best outcome we could have hoped for and means that they can surgically remove the tumour here at Alder Hey. The surgery will be pretty full on but we will go into that more when we have confirmed 100% that it’s a Thymoma and that surgery is definitely the plan. Our Doc is going to look at putting a surgical team together and we should know the next steps this week.’

The strange synchronicity of the situation was that my SIL’s mum had actually passed away due to a Thymoma, as rare as they were, it was in the family…