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Adeus 2018, Haere Mai 2019, Happy New Year!

What a brilliant year 2018 has been!  This year was a year of revelations, connections and changes. It is so strange to believe that in January of this year we started off the year… Continue reading

Three Years Since Surgery – New Beginnings

Tonight we will celebrate. We will celebrate because you are here with us. We will let you stay up late, eat whatever you want (which will probably include copious amounts of cake). We… Continue reading

Four Countries in Four Days

We have arrived. Finally. After an epic road trip we have finally arrived back in the UK. Just in time to watch and celebrate England’s success in the World Cup! We left Central… Continue reading

Feira do Queijo, Soalheira, Portugal

Yes, you guessed it, another week, another festa. Last week it was the festival of soups, this week, cheese took centre stage. There was oodles and oodles of the cheesy stuff, aged, blue,… Continue reading

Festival das Sopas, Proença-a-Velha, Portugal

You only need to live in Portugal for a short time to realise that sopa, soup, really is the foundation of everything. Portuguese life revolves around soup. Children are weaned on it, every… Continue reading

Festa da Divina Santa Cruz, Monsanto, Portugal

Central Portugal has a staggering amount of festas. We almost visit a different festa every weekend. The Portuguese community really do know how to host a good festa, particularly a medieval themed event.… Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

 sponsored post We love to travel and have been on some epic road trips in our time, so we thought that we’d share our tips for choosing the perfect road trip vehicle. Before… Continue reading

Medieval Festa in Idanha-a-Velha

Last weekend we went to a Medieval Festa (festival) in the nearby historic village of Idanha-a-Velha. There are a network of villages throughout Central Portugal that have been designated as historic (Aldeias Históricas… Continue reading

Walking in Penamacor Central Portugal

We have discovered some wonderful walking trails in Penamacor, Central Portugal. Penamacor itself is very remote, you are free to wander without interruption. Penamacor is so far inland that you are almost in… Continue reading

Idanha-a-Nova Lake

Idhana-a-Nova in Central Portugal is a remote and ancient part of Portugal and home to a spectacular lake.  Idhana-a-Nova lake is within the perimeters of the Geopark Naturejo, which forms part of the Global… Continue reading